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        02The Second Zhusang Township Flower Festival is Held in Yajiang County, Garze Prefecture, with Splendid Activities

        Lots of the locals came to the eventThe singer sings during a performanceScol.com.cn News (Zhang Li, Reporter, Li...

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        03The Golden Horse Festival in Seda County

        The Golden Horse Festival is a grand festival for the herdsmen to worship the gods on May 4th of the Tibetan ...

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        04Khata: The Symbol of Respect and Blessings

        A khata is a piece of silk which the Tibetans use to embody their ritual, and a must-have item in social comm...

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        05The Power of Faith: The Purpose of Praying and Crawling of Tibetans

        Praying and crawling is one of the most sincere ways to pray for the Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims.When the Tibetan...

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